DT Vintage LLC is a family-owned company operated by Dave and Deb Tracy. Our first careers were all about the law; Dave is a retired law enforcement officer, and Deb, an attorney, worked in the field of regulatory compliance for 20 years. Now in our second careers, we are all about the history and preservation of the American automobile industry and the fine cars it produced.

We spend our time scouring the Midwest for vintage parts to prevent their destruction and get them into the hands of the people who need them for restoration projects. In her spare time, Deb also researches and writes about the fascinating history of the American automobile industry and the talented visionaries who changed everything about how Americans live, work, and play.

We list items for sale almost daily, and the rare stuff goes fast, so visit the store frequently so you don’t miss anything: 

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If you prefer to purchase from us directly, or if you have any questions or comments about parts or articles, feel free to email us at americancarhistorian@gmail.com. We try to answer everyone.