First love

Like the 1968 Mustang featured in the Steve McQueen flick “Bullitt”, my very first car was a ’68 Mustang. Unfortunately, it was a coupe, not a fastback, and sadly had a straight-6, not a 390. It was also full of Bondo, but I loved it and do wish I had it back!

Bullitt Mustang

It was all over the news this week that the Mustang featured in the Steve McQueen movie “Bullitt” sold for a whopping $3.74 million at Mecum Kissimmee.

The Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT has a 390 under the hood and roared beautifully during the famous chase scene that reached speeds of 110 to 114 mph. Car-guy Steve McQueen was actually driving while running down the black Dodge Charger. Director Peter Yates was sitting in the back seat.

This 1969 ad for the movie says “McQueen embodies his special king of aware, existential cool”. I’m not sure what “existential cool” is, but McQueen is definitely just plain old cool. The car chase is described as a “terrifying, deafening shocker”.

Abe Battat, pianist and band leader, had a small part in the movie, but apparently his Austin-Healey did not fare well during filming. This funny blurb appeared in a 1968 newspaper story:

Screenstar Steve McQueen, here shooting a film called “Bullitt”, smashed his Mustang into the side of Pianist Abe Battat’s Austin-Healey, parked at Taylor and Clay during a scene. Steve to Abe: “Warner Brothers will take care of it.” Abe, playing a bit part in the flick: “I’ll take care of it if you give me a few more lines.” Sorry.