1931 Buick Burgundy Beauty

This 1931 Buick four-door sedan is a beauty in burgundy:

Prior to 1931, Buick had been powered by six-cylinder engines.  That all changed in 1931 when every Buick model was powered by a valve-in-head straight eight. There were four series, with the top-of-the-line being the series 90 that developed 104 horsepower and delivered a speed of around 85 mph.  Other advancements touted in ’31 were the syncro-mesh transmission which made it “virtually impossible for even a novice driver to clash gears,”, an engine oil temperature regulator that functioned similarly to a radiator and held the oil heat to an effective lubricating temperature,  and a carburetor air intake silencer to eliminate “power roar”.  What an absolute doll this one is: