Farm Fresh Chevy Trucks

FINALLY, the auctions are starting back up and we went to a great one last weekend. On the auction block was a veritable history of Chevrolet trucks:


The bidding was robust since it was a large crowd of people that have apparently been suffering from the twin maladies of cabin fever and pockets that money is burning a hole through. We did come away with some good stuff, however, including a couple of truck radios. This one is Model 986067, correct for a 1947-1950 Chevy Truck:

It was an amazing find, complete with tags and knobs and all the stuff that is usually missing. Don’t ask though, this one is already spoken for. We also bought this Model 986443 which would have been original to a 1951-1953 truck. It is also very complete:

I think my favorite purchase of the day was this great dash-mounted fan. It is a Wizard with a Rex motor. Best of all, we bench-tested it and it still works. It has loads of patina and I love its vintage look!

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