Golden Gazelle Hood Ornament

People frequently think “impala” when they see this accessory hood ornament, and that is understandable because, after all, it is a Chevrolet mascot:

This gazelle hood ornament is marked with the casting number 3695864.

This hood ornament is actually a gazelle, however, and those are apparently two different things. This flying golden gazelle was part of a “sparkling line of high quality, genuine accessories, styled, engineered and manufactured especially for Chevrolet in General Motors plants” for the 1951 model passenger cars.

They are relatively rare now, and that scarcity is likely directly related to the popularity of the standard hood ornament for that year:

Neither of these hood ornaments are in mint condition to be sure, but if you are going to play with old cars, you better be able to handle some imperfections!


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