Saturday Morning Flea Market Haul of Vintage Car Parts & Accessories

Just when you start to worry that all the good car parts have already found their way into the hands of collectors, you have a great morning at the flea market. This is what we walked away with Saturday:

The instrument cluster is from a 1948-1950 Ford truck, and the clock, in beautiful condition, is from a 1937 Lafayette.

The colorful items at the top of the photo are vintage bug deflectors, and the oval underneath them is an early beveled glass window with frame like the one being used as a rear window on this 1907 Regal:

1907 Regal “30” Touring

The Oldsmobile “ringed globe” emblem is also in fantastic condition, and the fog light is a high-quality “Lumidor,” mentioned in this 1949 advertisement:

My husband has banned me from dragging home any more hubcaps, but I still manage to sneak some past him. The set of four Chevy truck caps are full of dents and rust, but hey, some people like them that way, and I also found a decent Mopar red-line cap. The find I was most excited about was the Buick cap, found only on the 1934-1935 Series 40.

You don’t see caps for this stunningly beautiful automobile very often, so I was thrilled to spot it in a pile of parts. The junking season is in full swing in my neighborhood, and we will be hitting the road for the next three weekends to see what else we can find. These are the places and dates in case you want to try your luck:

September 14-16: Highway 36 Treasure Hunt

September 22-24: Nebraska Junk Jaunt

October 6-8: Heritage Highway 136 Trail of Treasures