So many steering wheels . . . .

We recently had someone ask us if we would be interested in a bunch of old steering wheels hanging in their barn. We are always interested, so we went there to take a look and left with ALL the steering wheels. This is what 55 steering wheels look like crammed into the back of a van:

And this is what my dog looks like when she is not happy about being forced to share her van space with a mountain of steering wheels:

Some are not in the greatest of shape but have horn rings that can be salvaged like these 1955 Oldsmobile and 1959 Dodge horn rings:

A few of the others we have cleaned up so far:

1940s Chevy Fleetmaster
1953 Chevy
1955-56 Chevy
1960-66 Chevy Truck
1967 Dodge C Body

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