1953 Chevrolet

I really like this eye-catching, sporty 1953 Chevy, maybe because the color is reminiscent of Nebraska’s state flower:

This particular Chevy is a Bel Air, a name that General Motors first introduced in 1950 as a luxury hardtop coupe and which would become virtually synonymous with the Chevrolet name. 1953 was significant for the Bel Air because that was the year it was launched as its own premium series with four body styles including 2-door sedans, 4-door sedans, convertibles and sport coupes like this one:

Buyers had a choice of two high-compression (7.5 to 1) Valve-in-Head engines in ’53, the 108-hp Thrift-King engine with syncro-mesh standard transmission and the 115-hp Blue Flame which could be teamed with the optional Powerglide automatic transmission.

The color of this striking Chevy is very close to one of the original paint colors called Sungold . . . .

1953 Chevrolet Paint Colors
480 Onyx Black 490 Driftwood Gray 496 Dusk Gray 498 Surf Green
499 Woodland Green 501 Regatta Blue 503 Horizon Blue 504 Sahara Beige
505 Madeira Maroon 506 Target Red 507 Campus Cream 508 Sungold
509 Saddle Brown India Ivory 

. . . but maybe they should have named it Goldenrod.