1953 International Travelall, Ancestor to Your SUV

This incredible 1953 International Travelall made an appearance at Kearney Cruise Nite ’22. 

For 1953, International introduced an entirely new line of trucks, the R-line, with 168 basic chassis models in 296 wheelbases.  It was a complete line of light, medium and heavy-duty trucks providing what International described as truck-to- job specialization to a degree never before achieved. The line was powered by seven different valve-in-head engines with horsepower ranging from 100 to 162.

This first generation Travelall had two passenger doors with additional rows of seating that could comfortably seat eight.  Those center and rear seats could be removed for quick conversion to an all-purpose carrier with a payload approximately seven feet long by five feet wide. The original power plant would have been a 100-hp Silver Diamond 220 engine, but the one pictured above has gone an entirely new direction with a 6.0L/6L90E, and that would make this ancestor to the modern SUV an absolute blast to own and drive.