A Very Rare Hubcap

On the subject of hubcaps, I was beyond elated to find this rare hubcap for sale in an antique store the other day.

It was shoved to the back of a bottom shelf with other (different) caps stacked in front of it, but I am so glad I kept digging to see what was back there. It is an accessory hubcap, sold by GM dealers, for a 1939 Chevrolet.

This is how it appeared in the ’39 accessory brochure. Notice that it was called a “wheel disc”, and only cost $9.90 for a set of four!

You can still read the stamp on the back of my hubcap that contains the name of the manufacturer, Lyon Inc.

Lyon was headquartered in Detroit and was a large producer of hubcaps. One newspaper story from 1957 even said that Lyon was “the world’s largest user of stainless steel”. The company made both official versions, like mine, and aftermarket caps like this one:

This is an advertisement for Lyon that appeared in 1953:

I have no idea how many “wheel discs” like my ’39 Chevy were sold, but I do know that you almost never see them. Mine has some shallow dents but is in great shape overall. What an exciting find!

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    1. There is a set of 4 being auctioned on eBay right now that you can keep an eye on, but they have been selling for around $1200/set as of late. Great find!

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