Deciphering the Markings on a Vintage US Military Gas Can

We trekked over to Hastings, Nebraska, last weekend to check out the Military Relics & Weapon Show. I was hoping to find some Jeep parts, but there were none to be had. They did have this M38 on display, but that only served as a reminder that I had many unfinished projects waiting at home such as fixing the paint job on this vintage military gas can:

I am married to an old jarhead and liked the fact that this can was stamped “USMC.” Unfortunately, this particular “USMC” apparently stands for the manufacturer, U. S. Metal Container Company. According to the website, the first line is the standard the can conforms to, the second is the initials of the manufacturer, and the last line (on my can) means 20 liters-5 gallons and the year manufactured. If it was a Marine Corps can, the USMC would be found on the side of the can. Mine says “US,” so what I have is an army can that was manufactured in 1968. I guess I will go ahead and paint it olive drab and then go fill it up before gas prices get any higher.