Fox Body Capri

Speaking of Fox Bodies, look at this 1984 Mercury Capri that is going on the auction block as part of the Kearney Cruise Nite Annual Classic Car Auction.

It has the 302 V8 with a 5-speed and, get this, only 12,740 miles! Other cars that will be sold on Friday night include a ’40 Chevy Tudor, a ’69 Goat, and a ’33 Ford Vicky, and you can check out all of them at Rhynalds Auction. Despite local flooding, all events associated with the 32nd annual Kearney Cruise Nite (including this auction) are proceeding as planned because “‘A rumbling engine and some tail fins and chrome can be very therapeutic,’ said Cruise Nite committe member Joshua Sikes. ” It certainly works for me!

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