Hill Holder Did Just That

This 1963 Studebaker Avanti was part of a car show we attended last summer:

It was a gorgeous car with original paint, and it had this sticker in its window:

“Hill Holder” was a solution to the problem of stopping on an incline in a car with a manual transmission.  One Studebaker dealer described the “nerve-tingling experience of being obliged to come to a full stop on a sharp upgrade . . . the necessity for more or less simultaneous manipulation of emergency brake, foot brake, accelerator, clutch pedal and gear shift lever when restarting the car.”  Hill Holder did just that; it held the car stationary when stopped on a hill.  It engaged automatically by depressing the clutch pedal while the brakes were on.  A valve held the brake pressure until the clutch was released, leaving the driver’s right foot free to step on the gas.

The mechanism was introduced by Studebaker in 1936:

Hill Holder and Avanti . . . two more examples of Studebaker being ahead of its time.


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