Linco Gasoline Christmas Ad

This  vintage Christmas Ad was published in 1934, and it just exudes that 1930s vibe:

The Ohio Oil Company was started in 1887 as an independent company but soon became a subsidiary of Standard Oil.  The Supreme Court ordered the break up of the Standard Oil monopoly in 1911, and Ohio Oil  became independent once again.  In order to diversify and get into the business of selling gas, Ohio bought Lincoln Oil Refinery in 1924.  This purchase included 17 stations selling Linco gasoline.  Ohio acquired the Marathon gas brand when it purchased Transcontinental in 1930, and “Linco” was eventually replaced by the popular Marathon brand.

Linco existed during an era when service stations focused on the “service” part, including cleaning windshields and headlights, checking oil and tires and even providing free road maps:


Linco also spent a substantial portion of their advertising budget talking about their fabulous and clean rest rooms:

If only the gas stations of today made that a priority!


1935 Pierce-Arrow