Mopar’s Iconic “Forward Look” Logo

1958 Plymouth emblem, part number 1682578

This nice-looking emblem is one of Mopar’s iconic double-boomerang “Forward Look” emblems that first appeared in late 1954 (in reference to the new 1955 models) and was used through 1961.  The concept of the “Forward Look” encompassed the entirety of the motoring experience, all the style, performance and features not found elsewhere.  It was all about new and daring styling and engineering for traveling on America’s modern super-highways.  Chrysler described it this way in one 1955 advertisement:

“Cars that bring things to you other cars do not yet have.  Cars that do things for you other cars are not yet able to do.”

Some of these “things” included the push-button PowerFlight transmission; power steering and brakes; powerful engines like the hemis and the ’56 Plymouth Hy-Fire V8 with PowerPak (special intake manifolds, 4-barrel carb and dual exhaust); swept back windshields; safety features like LifeGuard door latches and optional Safety Seat Belts that met official airline specifications; and the Flight-Sweep design of the bodies which wrapped “up the whole idea of motion with one, clean, aerodynamic sweep from headlight to upswept rear fender,” or, as the goofy “Forward Look” song commissioned by the Chrysler Corporation put it:

“Its beautiful lines are so low, low, low, even standing still, it looks like go.”

1956 Plymouth
1957 Desoto
1955 Dodge