Some Vintage Advertising Brimming with History

This 1920 one-page advertisement for United States Rubber Company’s Royal Cord tires contains so much history:

The text of the advertisement reads:

“Two great aids in the advancement of motor travel –

U.S. ‘Royal Cord’ – the height of perfection in modern tire construction, insuring the traveler ease and riding comfort.

The Modern Hotel – monument of engineering skill – a haven of rest at the journey’s end.

U.S. ‘Royal Cord’ records for long service and dependability are worthy of your consideration.

United States Tires are Good Tires”

The “modern hotel” shown at the center of the picture is the Commodore, named for “Commodore” Cornelius Vanderbilt and built to service Grand Central Station in New York in 1919 with 2,000 beautiful rooms. The Commodore was renovated by Donald Trump in the 1970s and rebranded a Grand Hyatt. It is now apparently scheduled to be demolished and replaced by something new. United States Rubber was one of the 12 titans of industry that comprised the Dow Jones Industrial Average at its inception in 1896, and the company’s longtime slogan, “United States Tires are Good Tires,” makes an appearance in this particular ad. In the 1960s, the company changed its name to the more familiar name of Uniroyal and became known for its iconic Tiger Paw tires.

This 1964 advertisement references the Pontiac GTO as “the wildest thing in Detroit, ” a tiger that obviously needs tiger paws.