Throwback Thursday: Grille Edition

This gorgeous sea-green 1947 Chevrolet graced us with an appearance at a local car show this summer:

1947 Chevy

Chevrolet did not have a true post-war car until 1949, so this ’47 is very similar to those produced in 1942, 1946 and 1948.  They all have good-looking grilles, and just look how this one shines:

1947 Chevy Grille

The grille used in 1948 was very similar to  1947’s with the main difference being a piece of center moulding.  The following diagrams are taken from the 1953 edition of Motor’s Flat Rate & Parts Manual:

Motor’s Flat Rate Diagram
Motor’s Flat Rate Diagram

I always pick up these old manuals when I see them because they contain a wealth of helpful knowledge, but I also like looking at them for the nostalgia value.  Just imagine, in 1953, you could purchase one of these very substantial grilles AND a bumper for around a hundred bucks!

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