A Ford Edsel First

I ran across this old article about the Ford Edsel the other day, dateline September 7, 1957:

Ford Motor Company Chalks Up Another First

     PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Ford Motor Co. can chalk up a first for its new Edsel line. 

     At a North Philadelphia dealer’s place, a new Edsel was parked on the pavement and left unguarded for a moment.  When an employee went back for it, it had been stolen.

     The dealer reported the car valued at $3,800, stolen at 3:20 p.m. to police.  As far as was known it was the first stolen car case involving an Edsel.

So do you think the thief brought it back once he realized what he was driving?  Just kidding,  I actually like the Edsel.  Also, it is at the top of my daughter’s list of all-time favorite automobiles, so I must show the proper respect to this American classic:

1958 Edsel vertical “horse collar” grille
1958 Edsel
1959 Edsel
1959 Edsel (notice the smaller vertical grille)
1960 Edsel (no more vertical grille)

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