American Pickers at Pioneer Village

The episode of American Pickers that documented their visit to Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska, finally aired last night. The entire episode was dedicated to this spectacular museum located just a dozen miles south of I-80, and it was really decent of the show to use their platform to give a boost to this local treasure.

This Ford Model K was featured during the episode. I wrote about this car a few years ago, and, if you want to know more, you can read about it here: Ford Model K – American Car Historian

This car is located in the main building at Pioneer Village, as are many others, but there is so much more. There are, I believe, four other buildings packed full of automotive history. You will find more Ford, GM and MoPar products than you’ve likely seen in one place. You will also find a plethora of Packards, Studebakers and more unusual things like a Marmon Roosevelt and a Sears All-State. Seriously, if you are the type of person that has motor oil coursing through your veins, you need to plan a vacation around a visit to this place.