Live Auction Action . . . Finally

Speaking of auctions, we are SO TIRED of online auctions and cheerfully headed off to a live auction in Belleville, Kansas, the other day.  We picked up a lot of good stuff including this  vintage GM accessory:

It is a tissue box, made by Auto-Serv in the 1940s.

It was sold as an official GM accessory, and this is how it appeared in the 1948 Chevrolet accessories brochure:

Tissue dispensers were mounted under those gorgeous chrome-covered dashes:

Photo credit: Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Although tissue dispensers can still be purchased today, as with most everything, they can’t compete with the early versions in terms of quality and style.  Some other examples from GM:


1952 Chevrolet accessories brochure


1955 Chevrolet accessories brochure
1956 Chevy accessories brochure

You could also purchase aftermarket versions as trumpeted in this 1947 advertisement:

Finally, I have to include this photo.  Another bidder rolled up to the auction in this awesome 1939 Chevy truck:

While it had loads of patina, there was no tissue dispenser!