Victory in Europe Day (75th Anniversary!)

This is a WWII GMC model DUCW, a 2.5-ton 6×6 amphibious vehicle that used six wheels on land and a propeller when in the water.  Essentially sea-going trucks, they were crucial for ferrying supplies from ship to shore.  The vehicles were naturally nicknamed Ducks, and Canadian war correspondent Dick Sanborn reported this incident in 1943:

During the invasion of Italy, when hundreds of ducks plied their way back and forth carrying anti-tank guns, mortars and ammunition across the Messina straits, a British destroyer raced cockily past one group.  From the bridge twinkled a signal lamp in Morse.  Deeply offended, the officer in charge of the ducks translated the message:  “Quack, quack.”

This DUCW can be found at the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles in Lexington, Nebraska.


Sanborn, Dick. “Amphibian Wins Spurs in New Canadian Push.” The Winnipeg Tribune, 11 December 1943, p. 1.

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